Independence Bourbon

Appearance: Beautiful copper hue with brilliant clarity

Nose: Aromas of vanilla, leather, turbinado, and corn.  Followed with light red fruit and carob, underlying subtle notes of cinnamon, oak, and brioche.

Palate: Soft and sweet to the taste, with the corn carrying over.  Good length, coating mouth feel, light heat on the tongue. Light wood tannins, vanilla, cedar, hints of bitter almond. Finish is green apple and pear.


Bourbon can be made in any state in the USA and we looked across theUnited States to identify 4 distilleries producing distinct bourbons that we would blend to make our spirit. Ranging from as far north as Ohio and as far south as Texas each one adds a unique element to small batch bourbon. Our process is to carefully taste a range of barrels, before choosing those that meet the needs of each batch. We the age in our warehouse barrels to further enhance the flavor, complexity and depth. We then slowly add water to bring the proof of our blends down before bottling. This process of “proofing” for takes at least 3 weeks – the slower water is added, the smoother the whiskey. We do not use chill filtration, or add caramel coloring, choosing instead to keep our whiskies natural.

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