Eagle Eye Rye

Appearance: Beautiful copper hue, with brilliant clarity.

Nose: Assertive with good finesse. Beginning with quince, brown sugar and vanilla.  Followed by baking spices, walnut and orange, underlying subtle notes of black tea, dried plums, and pencil shavings.

Palate: Aromatics of the nose carry over into the pallet.  Soft and sweet to the taste. Good length with noticeable dessert wine elements (Muscat, Gewurztraminer). Softened mature wood tannins, vanilla, subtle citrus expressions on the sides of mouth. Finish is well integrated with sweet oak resin and toffee.


We develop the flavor of our whiskey by blending (a craft unto its own)multiple whiskies into our unique house style. We do this by choosing how old/mature the barrels are and combining spirits from different distilleries/states. We’re looking for whiskies that showcase the very best of a particular style or are unique examples of bold, different flavors. We carefully taste a range of barrels before choosing those that meet the needs of each batch. We are also aging in our warehouse barrels for additional years to enhance their flavor, complexity, and depth. We slowly add water to bring the proof of our blends down to the strength that we are bottling at. This process of “Proofing” for us takes at least three weeks. The slower you add water, the smoother the whiskey. “Slow is smooth, and smooth is cash.” We do not use chill filtration or add caramel coloring, choosing instead to keep our whiskies natural.

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