American Vodka

Appearance: Superb Clarity light and Pure

Nose: Entry is light and elegant, hints of white pepper and light minerality and sweetness finishing out the nose

Palate: Soft & full mouthfeel, pleasant natural sweetness, Mid Palate mouthfeel continues soft and round. Finish has hints of white pepper, medium length ending very clean on the palate.



We craft our Vodka with pride, using a corn-neutral spirit base. Quality is paramount in every step of our process. Traditional pot stills and rigorous taste testing are integral to our approach -this demands skill and effort, which is worthwhile when making high-quality spirits.

Our Vodka begins with a carefully selected corn-based neutral spirit. We combine it with pure water and distill it using traditional pot stills. Through slow and gentle distillation, we separate the initial and final portions from the prized middle section, known as the ‘hearts.’ The other parts, known as ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ are set aside. This precision enhances the spirit’s quality, even if it means sacrificing a significant portion of the final product.

This approach dramatically improves the Vodka’s overall quality and justifies the associated expense. Enjoy the result of our hard work in every sip.

  • Philosophy of production: Vodka that provides a solid foundation, allowing other cocktail components to take the spotlight
  • Distillation: Carefully re-distill corn NGS. Making cuts, removing heads and tails, using only the heart as the base for our vodka
  • Filtration: We take a different tact with filtration than most, lightly polishing the spirit the base ingredient is subtly carried over into Vodka.

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